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To install WordPress Page View Counts:

  1. Download the Page View Counts plugin [ilink url=”” style=”download” title=”WP Email Template”]Lite Version[/ilink]
  2. Upload the page-view-count folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate ‘Page View Count’ from the Plugins menu within WordPress


Page Views Count plugin allows you to auto show All Time Views and Views Today to front end users on all WordPress posts, pages and custom post types. Using the plugins supplied functions you can also apply view counts to any content or object created by a theme or plugin that does not use custom post type. See image below of a post off the A3 Rev site.


Image Legend.

1. Post Content – By default Page Views Count displays at the bottom of the post or page.

2. Page View Count Stats – This is what front end users see – updated in real time – # total views, # views today.

How to use the admin panel

From the admin panel you can activate Page Views Count on all WordPress post, pages and custom post types by the click of your mouse. See the image below and full explanation notes of each item below the image.


Image Legend

1. Settings – To access the Page Views Count dashboard first go to the Settings tab in your WordPress admin dashboard.

2. Click on the Page Views Count link to open the plugins admin panel.

3. Page Views Count Settings – admin panel.

4. Post and Page Type – These are your WordPress post and pages. Click the Checkbox to activate Page Views Count. Note: When posts are activated the View Counter also shows on all posts extracts on category and tags Archives.

5. Custom Post Types – The plugin auto detects all custom posts types on your WordPress site and lists them here. You activate Views count for each by clicking the checkbox. Custom posts types are content created most usually by plugins that use the WordPress taxonomy to create their content. Examples are the WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce plugins that create products by custom post type.

6. Page Views Count Function – The plugin supplies 2 functions for manually adding the View Counter to post, pages or any content or object on your theme. Use it to change the position of the plugin. You will need to know how PHP language to place the function. We cover more about that in the function section below.

7. Save Changes – Remember always to Save your changes for them to take effect on the front end.

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