Getting  Started

Once you have the plugin installed and activated it adds the a3 Timeline menu to your WordPress admin page menu.

The first thing to do is to create some Timeline Items. Once that has been done we can then look at how the Items should display on the front end.

Add a New Item

a3 Timeline allows you to create an unlimited number of Post Items. Items are WordPress custom post types and hence if you know how to create a WordPress post then you know how to create a a3 Timeline Item, whit some few extra features.

Title and Description

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1. Title – This is the item post title. It will show as the title on the timeline under the date. From settings can be set as a link making post title clickable and will lead user to the post.
2. Description – Use the WordPress text editor to add your description (just like posts). The description shows under title.
3. Timeline Date – Setup the date for the item (event). More options for date are in Settings.

Timeline Tags

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Timeline Tags are ways to group your items together. They work exactly like Tags for blog posts. In that way you can have custom items set for certain tags.


Plugin Framework Global Settings

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1. Open Box Display – ON and each admin panel setting box OPEN | CLOSED position are saved each time changes are SAVED.
2. Clean up on Deletion – On deletion (not deactivate) the plugin will completely remove all tables and data it created, leaving no trace it was ever here.

Generate Timeline Shortcode

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1. Timeline Layout – You can choose from 3 type of layout: Horizontal ( example 1 ), Vertical ( example 2 ), Vertical Chess Order ( example 3 ). See the example bellow this info box.
2. Tags – Select the tags to be use in the shortcode. Show only posts which contain following tag. If none selected, will show all timeline posts .
3. Date format Date format used for displaying posts in the timeline.
4. Display Order – Ascending shows oldest event first, Descending shows most recent event first.
5. Display anchors – Timeline post title will be clickable and will lead user to the post.
6. Shortcode – Imeline shortcode is dynamically created as you change the settings above. When done just Click on the shortcode and it will be copied ready for pasting. There is no need to Save Changes.
* 7. Visible items limit – Visible items limit is used for “Horizontal” layout ( see example 1 )

Timeline Horizontal (example 1)

Timeline Vertical (example 2)

Timeline Vertical Chess (example 3)