WooCommerce Quotes and Orders


  • The plugin contains all the features of the WooCommerce Email and cart options plugin.
  • Converts the WooCommerce add to cart function into an add to Quote function.
  • Quotes payment gateway – so that no payment options show.
  • Converts the WooCommerce add to cart function into an add to Order function.
  • ’Manual’ Quote Mode – quote prices off-line after request is received.
  • ‘Auto’ Quote Mode – Auto send system generated quote to user. User still cannot see any product prices even after requesting a quote – only the prices on the quote.
  • In Auto mode user can complete the purchase through any of the WooCommerce payment gateways active on the site.
  • Quote Processing email template add to WooCommerce Emails
  • Converts the WooCommerce add to cart function into an add to Order function.
  • Orders payment gateway – so that no payment options show for offline processing.
  • Orders templates – allows you add custom messages at the Cart, Checkout and Order Received pages.
  • Full integration with WooCommerce orders.
  • Full integration with WooCommerce My Account
  • 100% Compatible with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing extension.

Three Versions of this Plugin.

There are 3 versions on this plugin.

  1. Free Lite Version available for download at wordPress.org.
  2. WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options which is a Premium Version available on the a3rev site.
  3. WooCommerce Quotes and Orders which is a major extension of the capabilities of the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options plugin. It is available via an annual subscription License fee from the a3rev site.

On all 3 plugins you can see all of the settings and as you upgrade more features are activated. The Lite version is free forever with the basic features.

The Dashboard

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1. To access the WooCommerce Quotes and Orders dashboard you go to exactly the same place that you go to for the WooCommerce catalog Visibility and cart Options plugin (they are the same plu8gin). Go to WooCommerce on your wp-admin dashboard.
2. On the pop-out that shows when you mouse over WooCommerce you’ll see Email & Cart Options in the sub menu.
3. When you click on Email and Cart options the dashboard opens. The facing page is Rules & Roles.
4. Email Inquiry Options – settings for the email inquiry function are found here.
5. Quotes Mode – Settings for the Quotes mode are found here.
6. Orders Mode – Settings for the Orders mode are found here.

Setting Rules and Roles.

To activate Quotes mode and or Order mode head to the Rules & Roles tab. At the bottom of the Rules & Roles tab you will find the settings where you activate and configure the ‘Request A Quote’ and ‘Add to Order Mode’. That is shown in the image below. The top part of the page contain the Roles & Rules settings. You can find the description for those on the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options docs.

Image Legend

1. Request a Quote Mode – this is where you activate Quotes Mode and config it.
2. Rule “Request a Quote’: This is where you activate Quotes mode. When activated it over-rides any other Rules and Roles you have set. Once activated you then have to choose which mode you want the Add to Quote feature to operate in.
3. ‘Manual Quote Mode. When you select this mode site visitors (those who are not logged in) never see product prices anywhere. You select this mode when you want users to want users to create a quote basket of products that you will then contact them off line to submit a Quote.
4. You can apply this Rule to logged in user roles also. By default the plugin auto creates an account for the user when they submit a Quote request. That Role is the Manual Quote Role. This Role has the same permissions as the WordPress subscriber role with the added restriction that they cannot see any WooCommerce Product Prices. They can access the Woocommerce My Account and they can view the quote they have submitted (without prices).
5. ‘Auto Quote Mode’. This mode is pretty cool. The user submits the Quote request but the ‘Quote Request’ email they get (WooCommerce Order Received email) shows the prices (and the shipping if you have shipping configured). The user can even then go to their My Account dashboard and click the Pay button and complete the transaction via the sites activate payment gateways if they are happy with the prices. If you have Prices and shipping configured on your site ‘Auto Quotes mode’ just automates the whole Quoting Process.
6. What is even cooler is that by default the plugin auto creates an account for the user when they submit a Quote request. That Role is the Auto Quote Role. This Role has the same permissions as the WordPress subscriber role with the added restriction that they cannot see any WooCommerce Product Prices. In this role they can see the prices on their quote and they can complete the transaction. Pretty good hey.
7. Add to Order Mode: This is where you activate and configure the Add to Order Mode. Note that the plugin will not allow you to have ‘Request a Quote’ and ‘Add to Order’ activate at the same time for no logged in users or the same role. This is because both use the WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ function. It also goes without saying that when you have either of the Quotes or Orders Modes activated that the Add to cart mode is not available because it is the same cart function.
8. Rule ‘Add to Order’: Check tgis setting ONLY if you want ‘Add to Order’ to replace the Add to Cart function for not logged in site visitors. The plugin adds an extra filter here that makes it different to all the other rules. In all the other rules you firstly activate it for not logged in users (visitors) then assign the rule to logged in roles.
9. ‘Activate Rule’: With orders using this setting you can just apply this rule to logged in user roles. An example of this would be:
Set Quotes Mode for not logged in user – Visitors don’t see prices and request a quote.
Set Orders mode to apply to logged in roles. Then when not logged in the don’t see prices but when they log in the see the product prices and now ‘Add to Order’ as the cart.
Example use:
A wholesaler – do not want the general public to see the prices, but do want their clients to be able to order online and also want to attract new wholesalers and general public inquiry which they pass onto their retailer clients.
They would set ‘Manual Quotes mode’ for non logged and ‘Orders Mode’ for the customer role. Customers could then log into the site and use it as a virtual order pad on the wholesaler. We have a number of big wholesale clients who do exactly that. They love it and so do their retail customers.
10. This is where you set the user roes that Orders mode will apply to.
Very Flexible. These settings allow a lot of flexibility. For example if you might want site visitors to no see prices and just be able to add items to a quote cart and request a quote – You’d set ‘Quote mode’ But you have a group of customers who are ’20 day account customers’. You would assign them to a role and set ‘orders mode’ for that logged in role. then you have a group of customers who are ‘cash’ customers. Assign them to another role and when they log in the see the add to cart function.
You can extend this further by apply specific prices levels to both Orders customers and cash customers by using the ‘Dynamic Pricing‘ Plugin.

Quotes Mode Settings

Now that you have activated the Quotes mode Feature head over to the Quotes mode tab.

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1. Click on the Quotes mode tab to open the Quotes mode settings
2. The landing tab is Settings tab. See that all of the Quotes Mode settings are set out in sections under a sub navigation menu.
3. Activation Notification. Lets it know if the Quotes mode feature is currently activated.
4. Quotes Mode Payment Gateway. The plugin auto adds a new payment gateway to your WooCommerce payment gateways.
5. Click WooCommerce Payment gateway link to go to Payment gateways to configure it.
5.2 The gateway name is Quotes mode. The WooCommerce Checkout page has to have a payment gateway. Rather than trying to filter it out which would not work on all themes we have created our own gateway which allows us to allow you to write your own text and not show any payment method at all.
5.3 Tile: Enter a title for the gateway – default is Quotes Mode – you might want to change that.
5.4 Customer message. This is the text that shows below the title – default is ‘Default text’. Add your own message of make it empty with no text.
6. Shipping: The shipping calculation of WooCommerce is something that cannot be hidden or changed. If you have shipping configured it will show on the quote which is not a bad thing. The customer will understand that the shipping is based on there address or shipping address. Follow the link to configure or if you are not using shipping on your site disable it.
7. Save or Reset buttons.

To be continued.