Woo Email Inquiry & Cart Options


  1. Download the WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options PRO Version
  2. Upload the woocommerce-email-inquiry- and-cart-options folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the ‘WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options’ from the Plugins menu within WordPress


WooCommerce Email Inquiry and Cart Options Pro is ‘game changing’ addition to any WP e-Commerce site. It enables you to not only , Hide ‘Add to Cart’ Button, Hide the Price and add an Email inquiry Button for front end users, but also configure those those rules for all of the WordPress user roles plus the WooCommerce Customer and Shop Manager roles.

How to set up

  • After install and activation go to the admin panel and configure all settings.
  • Firstly set the global settings configuration – this is the set up that applies to the majority of products on your site.
  • Then customize individual products that don’t fit the global configuration from that products edit page

How to find the admin panel.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you are redirected to the plugins dashboard. Below is a diagram of how to find and access the admin panel. Look for the WooCommerce navigation on your wp-admin dashboard. Put your mouse over it and you will see in the available sections > Email & Cart Options.

Image Legend

1. In your WordPress admin go the the WooCommerce link in the admin sidebar.
2. Hover your mouse over the WooCommerce link and a pop-out will show and you will see ‘Email and Cart Options’. Click on it and it will open the plugins dashboard.
3. Rule and Roles The plugins dashboard opens on the Rules and Roles tab.
4. Email Inquiry tab All of the email inquiry feature settings are under this tab.
5. Quotes Mode tab Here you will find the Add to Quote feature settings. See Quotes and Order docs.
6. Orders Mode Tab  Here you will find the Add to order feature setting. See Quotes and Orders docs

Lite and Pro Version features.

The numbers assigned to each feature on the images here in the docs is a very quick visual guide to which features are Lite Version features and Which ones are available by upgrading to one of the 3 Pro Version upgrades.

Image Legend

1. Features with a Red Circle and black number are activated in both the Lite and Pro Versions.
2. Features with a Green background and white number are only available in the Pro Licensed versions.

Step1 – Set up Rules and Roles.

The first section of the dashboard is where you set the default visibility of you stores ‘add to cart’ button and the Email Inquiry button.

Image Legend

1. Email & Cart – the plugins admin landing page.
2. Global Store Settings – Setting made on this admin tab apply to the whole WooCommerce store. Pro Version users can over-ride settings made here on each Products Email and cart Meta fond on each products edit page.

Rule 1 – Hide Add to Cart function.

2.1. Rule: Hide ‘Add to Cart’ button – Select this to remove the add to cart button on every product in your store. This Rule applies to visitors who are NOT logged in. Pro version users can create a ‘mixed catalog’ site by using the ‘Email & Cart” meta editor on each products page to make the Add to Cart function visible on that product.

Admin Tip #1

It is a quirk of WooCommerce that Products and Product Variations must have a Price entered for the Add to Cart button to show.

2.2. Apply Rule to logged in Roles. Activating the Hide Cart rule will hide the cart from all users how are not logged into your site. Unless you assign the Rule to WordPress user Roles – once a user logs in the Rule does not apply unless you have assigned the Rule to a role or roles.

Just Remember:

Rules when activated automatically apply to everyone who is NOT logged in.
Rules DON’T APPLY to any logged in user UNLESS you manually assign the Rule to user roles.
For example a visitor can register on your site, the default WordPress Role is the ‘Subscriber’ role. If you have not assigned the Hide the Cart rule to the “Subscriber’ role when they visit the site they will not see the add to cart function, but when that person is logged in they will see the Add to Cart button. If you assign the Rule to the ‘Subscriber’ role – when they log in they won’t see the add to cart button.

Admin Tip #2:
The best way to set Rules for front end users is to open another browser – example if you are using Chrome – Open Firefox or even Internet Explorer (if you must) and open the site that browser without logging in. Then as you make changes check it in that browser (Hit F5 on your keyword to refresh the screen) so you see what visitors to the site are seeing.

Admin Tip #3:
You know your customers and know who you want to have access to the add to cart functionality and who you don’t. Allowing you to firstly assign the Rule to specific Roles and then assigning your customers to those roles gives you the maximum flexibility in configuring Add to Cart visibility.

Rule 2 – Add Email Inquiry function to Products.

2.3. Rule: Show Email Inquiry Button – Select this to show the email inquiry button (or Hyperlink text) on every product in your catalog (your site). Pro version users can remove the feature from any product page.

2.4. Apply to Logged in Users *Tip – if you do not select this remember that you will have to log out of the site to see any setting you have made. If you don’t you won’t see them and you’ll think the plugin is not working.

Rule 3 – Hide Prices

2.5 Rule: Hide Price – Select this to Hide all prices on your Products.

Admin Tip #4

It is a quirk of WooCommerce that Products and Product Variations must have a Price entered for the Add to Cart button to show. Also if you enter a price of $0 any user that can see the Prices will see Price: Free which is not ideal. If you intent to over-ride the hide the Price Rule on any single product best to make sure you have it correctly priced.

2.6 Apply to Logged in Users *Tip – if you do not select this remember that you will have to log out of the site to see any setting you have made. If you don’t you won’t see them and you’ll think the plugin is not working.

Rules & Roles Global Re-Set

2.7 Global Re-Set. The Pro Version allows you set Rules and Roles here that apply to all products, but gives the additional functionality of being able to change these on any products from the Email and cart Meta box. The Global Re-Set feature allows you to Re-Set every product back to the Global setting create here on the admin panel. This is very handy as it saves you having to go to each products and change it individually if that is what you want to do.

How to – Customize Individual Products

Pro Version users can customize how the Email Inquiry and Catalog Visibility options that apply for any individual product. This allows admins to create a mixed Catalog store with Products that are ‘Brochures’ and products that are able to be Purchased. Gives store owner maximum flexibility.

Image Legend

1. Product Edit page.
2. Email & Cart meta section.
3. Customize Settings for this product – All setting show the Global settings. In this section you can reconfigure the visibility of the ‘Add to Cart’ button, the ‘Email Inquiry’ button and if the settings ‘Apply to Logged in Users’.
4. Customize the Email recipient and cc email recipient for this product.
5. Change the Global setting from Button to text link or visa versa.
6. If selected show Button you can set the button to show a custom title
7. Single Product Page Only – over-ride the default setting if required.
8. If text link is selected a section appears with the customization fields for Hyperlink text.
9. The Hyper-linked text fields are pre-populated with the default settings made on the admin panel. If nothing was set it will show click here as the linked text.


1. You must ‘Update’ the post after changes are made for them to be saved.
2. Any changes made here are not over-ridden by subsequent changes to the Global settings on the admin panel.

4. Button or Hypertext Link – Default is show Email inquiry feature with a button. You can change that to Hyperlink text here – Can be changed on any product page for that product.

5. Relative Position  – The relative position is relative to to the add to cart button position. Default is below. Choices are ‘above’ or ‘below’.

6. Padding – Padding is the space in px between the ‘add to cart’ button and the Email Inquiry button / Hyper-linked text. The default padding is set at 10px.

7. Single Product Page Only – the Default is NO. This means the the email inquiry will show on the single product pages AND the product thumbnail listing wherever else it shows on your site. Selecting YES and the feature will only show on the single product pages on your site. Again this can be over-ridden for any product on that products edit page.

Step 2. Setting Email recipients

In this section you can customize the email address that all inquiry goes to plus set a default a carbon copy (cc) address.

Image Legend

1. This field is empty and the plugin uses the WordPress admin email address for emails. If that is what you want leave this field empty. If you want the emails to go to another address – enter it here. You can add a different email address on each products page ‘Email & Cart’ meta editor.
2. Set to send a copy of each email to another user. By default this field is empty and not cc is sent. Enter an email address he to activate the cc feature. Activating this will apply site wide. You can edit the cc address for any product from the product page editor.

Step 3. Customize Button / Text Link

Customize the email inquiry button or Hypertext link.

Image Legend

1. Customize Hyperlink text. Set the site-wide Hyperlink text feature here. Enter the text to show before the linked text (if any), the text you want the link to apply to that activates the email pop-up form and set any text you want to show after the link text. Can be customized on any single product page.
2. Customize Email Inquiry Button title – left empty and the button title will show as Email inquiry by default.
3. Set the size of the Email Inquiry Button – 4 sizes to choose from, small, medium (default), large and extra large.
4. Set button background colour and the button border colour – default is red. Click in the colour box and the pop-out colour picker appears.
5. Dark text or light text – sets the font colour of the button title.
6. Class CSS – allows you to enter your own custom button CSS which over-rides the default and any custom button style settings.

Step 4. Customizing the Email pop-up

The plugin allows you to customize the style of the email pop-up screen.

Image Legend

1. Pop-up screen header title.
1.1. Set a site wide title for the pop-up form. When you install the plugin the default that shows is Product Inquiry. Change this OR if you make the field blank then the form will always show the button or link text title. If you plan on setting different button / link text titles on individual product pages and make this field blank the pop-up form will show whatever has been set.
2. Name | Email Address | Phone – These fields are set by the plugin – there are no setting for them.
3. Subject – the plugin auto creates the Email subject as the Product Page Title.
4. Button Title – default is SEND
4.1. Send Button title – Change the default button text here.
5. Default button colour and text title is red.
5.1 You can customize the Button background colour, border and text colour (dark or light) here.
6. Button CSS Class – use a button style from your theme by entering the the button css class here.
7. Form CSS Class – write your own form CSS class and apply it to the form by entering the class here.

Step 5. Write your email success message.

Image Legend

1. After a user have submitted their email inquiry a success message shows in the pop-up window.
2. On the admin page use the WordPress text editor to customize your the success message. Use the visual editor or html to create your message.


This section deals with all know issues that users have or have had and the fixes for those.

The Email Inquiry Button does not show.

See the Global Store Visibility Settings section 3

3. Apply to Logged in Users – *Tip – if you do not select this remember that you will have to log out of the site to see any setting you have made. If you don’t you won’t see them and you’ll think the plugin is not working.

If that is not the issue – in other words you have Apply to logged in users checked then try changing the position of the button as some themes may block the button from showing in the default position which is below where the ‘add to cart’ is or would be. From the Global Visibility Settings section:

5. Relative Position  – The relative position is relative to to the add to cart button position. Default is below. Choices are ‘above’ or ‘below’.

If that still does not solve the issue you have a conflict with the theme you are using. This can happen on some bespoke themes and the WooCommerce Email Inquiry & Cart Options plugin is coded to WordPress and WooCommerce codex and as such works on any Wootheme but some bespoke theme devs don’t always follow the codex.