Product Sort and Display

Plugin Versions

This plugin is available in a with advanced features available by upgrading the a3rev a3rev Pro Licensed Version.


In a physical retail store product placement is incredibly important. In high traffic stores manufacturers and wholesalers pay the store owner enormous sums of money to have their products prominently displayed. Product placement is successful physical retail stores is a science that is studied in university around the world.

Yet in our customers online stores using the default WooCommerce sort and display for the Shop and Product Categories the ability to position products is extremely limited. Nothing annoys customers more that placing a product ‘On Sale’ or ‘Featuring’ it and and then finding that the products will show at some random position in the Shop or product page listing. They expect that doing either of those things should automatically mean that the product will show first in the product display, and fair enough too.

That is why we built this plugin – to solve that major irritant.

Finding the plugin

From your WordPress admin dashboard go to the WooCommerce menu. Click on it and you will see that the WooCommerce Sort and Display menu item has been added to the menu list when the plugin is installed and activated.

Click on the Sort and Display menu item to open the plugins admin dashboard.

Settings Tab

When you click on the Sort & Display menu it opens at the Settings tab. On that tab you will see all of the sections that can be customized. The a3 WordPress Plugin framework gives admins a clean, mobile first, easy to navigate and easy to use admin interface. All a3rev plugins are built on the framework which is great for people who use more than one of our plugins as the interface is the same on all plugins.

The a3 WordPress Plugins Framework shows each group of settings in a ‘ Settings Box’. Click on the title of a box and it will open to reveal the settings.

This part of the docs will go through the settings on each box as they show on the Plugins admin panels.

Plugin Framework Global Settings

You will find this Setting box on all of our plugins. It allows you to customize the way the plugins admin interface works on your site

Customize Admin Setting Box Display

You can customize the admin panel settings to show the way you want.

  • When you first install the Plugin Framework Global Settings this box is open by default, while the rest of the Setting Boxes will be closed.
  • After the initial view the Plugins Framework box will always show as CLOSED unless you change that.

Display Options

By Default all Settings Boxes show as CLOSED after Saving changes and revisiting the admin page. If you would prefer that boxes that have been customizing in showed as OPEN when you next visit the admin panel then you switch that feature ON and SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the Settings Tab.

Google Fonts

All of our plugins font editors include Google fonts that are pulled from a static JSON file within the plugin. Because of the nature of the static files it cannot always have the latest updated font versions or new font releases.

If you always want the latest and greatest Google fonts available in your a3rev Plugin font editor then you can configure the plugin to pull the latest updated versions and releases directly from Google by entering your Google Developers API key. For detailed instructions on getting an API key please checkout Googles detailed instructions here

If you do not have a key then you should follow this link to Google Developer docs

Acquiring and using an API Key

Please create a Public API Access Key.

Activate for Shop Page

First place to start is to activate show products by category on your shop page.

Image Legend

1. Settings – The p.

Activate For Category Pages

Use the settings to activate the plugin sort and display features on Product category pages.

Global Categories Reset

Because in the Pro Version you can configure the sort and display settings on a category by category basis we provide a setting on the admin panel that allows you to reset all of the categories to the Global settings on the admin page – which saves you having to go to each product category and restet them all one by one if you ever want to do that.

Categories Separator Settings

These settings are for those that want to add a visual separator (divider) to the shop page between categories and on category pages between Child Categories.

Clean up on Deletion

This plugin will ‘clean up after itself on deletion if you set it to do so. The setting for this is at the bottom of the Settings tab.

Endless Scroll Feature

The plugin allows you to add an Endless Scroll feature to your Shop page and to Product Category Pages. The feature can be activated for both or just 1 or not at all.