WPEC Grid View


To install WP e-Commerce Grid View Pro:

  1. Purchase Download the WP e-Commerce Grid View Pro plugin [ilink url=”http://a3rev.com/shop/wp-e-commerce-grid-view/” style=”download” title=”WP e-Commerce Grid View”]PRO Version[/ilink] [ilink url=”http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce-grid-view/” style=”download” title=”WP e-Commerce Grid View”]Lite Version[/ilink]
  2. Upload the wp-ecommerce-grid-view plugin zip folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate ‘WP e-Commerce Grid View’ from the Plugins menu within WordPress


  • WP e-Commerce Grid View activates the Grid View feature for product pages, product category pages on the WP e-Commerce plugin.
  • Grid View scales you product feature images and Category thumbnail images to show perfectly every time in your Grid View presentation.

Setting Up Grid View

The WP e-Commerce Grid View plugin has no settings. Install and activate it and it auto activates all of the Grid View functions on the WP e-Commerce plugin and auto image scaling.

That means you use the WP e-Commerce setting that have been activated by our plugin. Getshopped.org the developers of the WP e-Commerce plugin have extensive online docs on doing your store set up. We don’t see any point in reproducing those here.

To configure Product Grid View settings on your wp-admin dashboard go to Settings > Store > Presentation Tab.

To learn how to configure Product Grid View once you have WP e-Commerce Grid View activated go here to

Chapter 3: Presentation Settings > Scroll down the page until you get to Grid View.

There are 3 lots of settings on the Presentation tab that should be attended to in setting up Grid View on your store. They are all covered in the getshopped tutorial as they are WP e-Commerce settings.

  •   Product Page Settings
  •   Product Category Settings
  •   Thumbnail Settings

In addition to the above settings you can uniquely configure each Product Categories Grid View go to Products > Category and then edit each category and you’ll see the Grid View settings.

To learn how to configure Grid View for individual Product categories go here to

Chapter 4: Product Categories, and Tags  >  Scroll down to Presentation Settings:

Image Scaling

WP e-Commerce by default does not scale Product thumbnails. This is an example of how Product Thumbnails look in Grid View in the WP e-Commerce plugin.

Grid View Pro automatically scales all Product feature image thumbnail and Category image thumbnails to fit perfectly inside the image container size you have set via the Thumbnail settings on the Presentation tab or any unique category Thumbnail settings you have set. Images are scaled from the centre of the thumbnail container.

This is what the above products display like with Grid View Pro activated and scaling the images.

It does not matter what dimension the Thumbnail image or the dimension of the Thumbnail container – Grid View automatically scales the image to fit inside the Thumbnail container – in proportion without distortion.

Grab Grid View Lite Version for FREE or upgrade to the PRO Version for Grid View + Auto Image Scaling.


Trouble Shooting

Below is detailed any and all issues that we know people experience when installing, activating and setting up WPEC Grid View.

Cannot redeclare class WPSC_GridView

You see this #Error message when trying to install the PRO version.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WPSC_GridView_Hook_Filter in /sitename/plugins/wp-e-commerce-gridview-pro/classes/class-wpsc-gridview-hook-filter.php on line 18

It only happens for those users who are upgrading from the Lite Version. This is the #1 support request we get  despite the fact that we have this message in the Plugins Purchase receipt email. Which again proves the last thing most of us do (me included) is read the instructions when we purchase something new. Here is the message that you will find if you go back and look at your Purchase receipt email.

 Lite Version Upgrades Tips

If this plugin is an upgrade from the plugins Lite version from WordPress please be sure to:

  • Deactivate the Lite Version plugin BEFORE you install the Pro version
  • Do not DELETE the Lite version UNTIL you have activated the Pro Version.

The Fix: Deactivate the Lite version and install the PRO. The Pro version is the same plugin as the Lite – but has all of the Pro features activated. The error message is from WordPress and is telling you that it cannot re-create the plugin folder because it already exists.

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