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Plugin Install

Free Lite Version – Use the WordPress plugins uploader. Under Plugins Click > Add New and search ‘Contact Us Page Contact People’ to find the plugin in the WordPress repository. Once you find it Click Install.

Pro Version – Here is a link to a video that explains where to get your License key and Pro version download on the a3rev My Account dashboard after you have purchased you License.


1.If you are upgrading from the Lite Version of the plugin to the Pro License version you must deactivate the Lite Version before you try and activate the Pro version – if you don’t you will get a ‘Fatal Error’ – Cannot Re-Declare Class message. This happens because the plugins share the same folder and WordPress will not create duplicate folders.


Lite Version – The Lite version is provided Free without a License key and hence we offer no support. We will always keep the plugins source code compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If you require support you do have 2 options:

1. You can read through the topics posted by Pro License Holders on the plugins a3rev support forum and see if you can find the answer there. Only Pro License holders have ‘write’ access to the forum.

2. Post your support request to the plugins WordPress support Forum – another Lite Version user may decide they can help you.

Pro License Holder – Post your support request to the plugins and we will do our utmost to reply within 24 hours (that is our goal).

Email Support – If you are a Lite Version user and send us an email requesting support – you will not get a reply. If you are a Pro License Holder we will respond but it will take 7 to 14 days. We are terrible at answering emails.

How to navigate these docs.

The most efficient way to use these docs is:

1. Sections – These docs are broken up into sections. There is a ‘View Docs’ button at the top of each of the plugins dashboard admin pages with links to that section of the docs. A table of Contents at the top of the docs takes you straight to the selected section of the docs.

2. Back to Top – Under each section you will see a Go Back to Top link. Click on it to return to the top and the table of Contents to continue your research.

3. Images, Numbers and Images notes. Each section has a full image of that part of the dashboard with Coloured numbers. Below the image is a Corresponding text explanation of what each numbered feature does. We do it like this so that that don’t speak or read English can use Google translator to be able to get value from the docs.

4. Coloured Numbers for quick Version reference.


Colour numbers visually show you which version of the plugin the feature is activated on.



1. Red Circle – Activated in Lite Version and by default in the Pro Version and the Ultimate Versions.

2. Green Circle – Pro version Features, not available in Lite version.

5. Hints and Tips – These are usually easily spotted as they are highlighted in a Red Box.

6. Quick Links – Under each section you will see Quick links. Designed to be a short cut to relevant information and the docs.

7. Troubleshooting – We try and post any known issues and the fix in the Troubleshooting section at the end of the doc. This includes known Theme or plugin conflicts.

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The Plugin Dashboard

When installed the plugin adds its own admin panel to your wp-admin sidebar dashboard Settings Menu.


Image Legend.

1. On your WordPress admin dashboard click the Settings menu.

2. Click on Email Template in the settings drop down

3. You’ll see the Email Template admin panel open.


The default open tab is the GENERAL tab.


Live Preview

You can preview the email template as you style it. After saving any changes you have made you can view them right from the admin panel.

Image Legend.

1. Click the link to see the Live preview

2. Preview opens in a new window (note you must save any changes before you preview to see them).

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Styling the Template

The WordPress Email Template plugin admin has a very easy to use visual editor to enable you to style your template. The admin panel is set out in the same order as the template layout.

  • Template Header image
  • Template Patterned background
  • Email Header
  • Email Body
  • Follow us on Social Media links
  • Email Footer

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Template Header Image

Instructions for adding your logo / image to the template header. Remember that almost all email browser initially block images by default. The receiver must manually choose to allow images to show.

Image Legend.

1. Template Header image

2. Use the WordPress Media uploader in the WP admin sidebar to upload the image. Hover your mouse over  the Media link and click on Add New. For the best presentation to upload a transparent .png image format.

3. When you have uploaded the image copy the File URL.

4. Go back to Settings > Email Template and paste the URL into the textra field. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. Click on the preview email template link and you’ll see the image has been added.

To change the image just repeat the process.

To ensure your emails render properly in all mobile devices the Max wide for the header image should be 600px. Any wider and it will break the template in most mobile devices. The same goes with images loaded to the footer.

The recommended file size for mobile devices for images is max 45KB. If you can keep your images under that size they will load super-fast in all mobile browsers.


Template Patterned Background

This is where you set the colour to apply to the template background pattern. It looks like this on you Email Template admin panel.

Image Legend.

1.To change the colour of the template background colour click in the colour swatch. The colour picker is activated and drops down. You can select an hex colour using the colour picker or just type the hex colour number directly into the swatch.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. You’ll see that the Background colour swatch has changed to show the colour selected. Click on the preview email template link and you’ll see the the new template background pattern colour.

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Email Header

Set the email header background colour and the Email Title font specs.

Image Legend.

1. Email Header visual editor settings.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. You’ll see that the Header background colour swatch has changed to show the colour selected. Click on the preview email template link and you’ll see the the new Email Header design you have created.

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Email Body

Set the email body background colour and the font settings

Image Legend.

1. Email Body visual editor settings

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. You’ll see that the Email body background colour and Email body text swatches have changed to show the colours selected. Click on the preview email template link and you’ll see the the new Email style you have created.


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Follow us on Social Media links

Easily add links to you social media channels.

Image Legend

1. Follow us on – settings. Copy and paste the full URL to your favourite social media channel that you want people to follow you on. Supports Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+1. If you leave a field blank then that icon does not show on the email template.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. Click on the preview email template link and you’ll see that the ones you entered a URL for now show that social media icons icon after the Follow us on text.

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Email Footer Content

Use the WordPress text editor to style the footer of your email.

Image Legend

1. Email Footer Content visual editor. Use the WordPress visual / HTML editor yo add text, links, images and style to the email footer.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save. Click on the preview email template link and you’ll see the footer design you have created.

Email browsers do not recognize image align. To position images and content in the footer you must write a HTML table and do that under the HTML editor tab. If you don’t know HTML below is a very simple table HTML table code you can copy to create a table that has 1 row with 2 columns:

<td>Upload image here</td>
<td>add text cont here</td>

On the email template that would look like the image below – 1 row with 2 columns, with an image in the first column that has been uploaded via the WordPress Image uploader icon and the second column has text. If you know how to write HTML you can create anything you like – Just remember to keep the total table wide < 600px for mobile devices.

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Marketing and Promotion tool.

The WordPress visual editor in the Footer editor allows you to get very creative in designing your email footer. Its can be an excellent marketing / promotion tool. Every email that goes out from your site can carry some additional promotion. At the time of writing this doc that promotion on our template is this plugin.


Working with WooCommerce

The very popular e-commerce plugin WooCommerce outputs its own email. If you have it installed you can configure your site to apply the WordPress Email Template to all WooCommerce store emails or continue to use the WooCommerce template for all WooCommerce store emails.

Image Legend.

1. Check YES to apply WP Email Template to WooCommerce emails

1.1 With this setting activated when you preview the WooCommerce email template you’ll see a dialog box appear reminding you that you have the WP Email Template activated for WooCommerce emails and if you want to change that then you need to change the settings.

2. Check NO to allow WooCommerce to use its own template

2.2 With the NO setting selected the WooCommerce Email Template preview shows without the dialog box

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Working with WP e-Commerce

The great news if you are a WP e-Commerce plugin use is that you don’t have to do anything special. WP Email Template automatically applies the template to all WP e-Commerce generated emails to customers and admins.

  • Purchase Reports
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Order Pending
  • Order Pending: Payment Required
  • Shipping Tracking Notifications
  • Unlocked Files (for download purchases)

WP Email Template hooks seamlessly into your WP e-Commerce store and does nothing more than provide an easily customizable, cross browser email compliant HTML style to you WP e-Commerce emails. Which is exactly what you want it to do. You still set the WP e-Commerce store email content the way you always have through the Settings > Store > Admin Tab.

Plugin Promotional Link

We ask all plugin users to help us spread the word by showing a small WP Email Template link at the very bottom of their emails, aligned to the right.

Image Legend

1. Please help spread the word by leaving the WP Email Template promotional link checked. It is checked by default to show. To turn it off just un-check and and click the Save button.

2. The link as it appears on the email template. One the wordpress.org lite version the link is to the plugins wordpress.org page. On the Pro version the link is to the Plugins marketplace page.

3. The Save Changes and Reset Settings buttons.


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